About Us

At this cosmopolitan of Hong Kong, many of us are already blessed with trilingual training. Yet, in this fast-moving world, knowledge of different languages, in addition to English and Chinese, stands us in good stead. 


Fluency in foreign languages would of course expand our possibilities, in both our academic and professional pursuits.  Just as importantly, we gain through language training a deeper appreciation of different cultures. 

Exposure to foreign languages would make overseas travel not only more comfortable but experientially more rewarding.  Fluency in a foreign language could afford you opportunities of foreign exchange at school or an overseas posting at work.  At a deeper level, your language skills would allow you to form deeper friendship and immerse yourselves more meaningful in social networks.  World languages are tools for professional development.  In a more profound way, learning these languages make us grow as global citizens.


At the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, we have been offering “Non-degree” language courses for HKU undergraduates.  For over 20 years, we have offered “General Language Courses” for the public.  Some 15 years ago, we began our programs of “Certificate courses” for Secondary Schools students.  Our professional team of experienced academic staff are here to work with you as you develop your skills in any of the world languages represented in our Centre’s programs.


We invite you to explore with our Academic Advisors who will present to you the language programs we offer by browsing our courses here.