Non-degree Language Courses ( 2020-2021 Summer )


Courses offered

Please read the course information carefully before enrolling in any of the courses:

( Face-to-face )

Application Procedures
  1. Make your course selection carefully by clicking the language button on the navigation bar to check the corresponding course schedules for the correct course code and avoid timetable clashes.

2. Apply for the course(s) during registration period.

3. Registration Period:    07-April-2021  to  29-April-2021   

Day:    Tuesdays to Thursdays

Time:   09:30 – 12:30 / 14:30 - 16:45

Venue: Room 438, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

4. Deadline:  29-April-2021

SMLC reserves the right to reject any late applications after deadline.

5. Teaching Device: Face-to-face basis

"Online" mode will NOT be delivered UNLESS "face-to-face" is prohibited.

6. Registration Procedures: 

  • Admission is on first-come-first-served basis.

Applicants are required to sign-up for a place of the course selected and will be informed immediately if having been allocated a place with clear instruction about payment which has to be settled on the same day. ( Please take an “Initial Registration Form” at CPD-4.38 and fill in the information before queuing to sign-up for a place at the Counter. )

  • The Tuition Fee paid is NON-refundable.

  • Please make a thorough consideration (make sure the right level and right course of a fixed timetable) to ensure the right choice before paying to do the admission as NO CHANGES / NO REFUND could be made after registration completed.

Course Fee will NOT be refunded UNLESS the course is cancelled.

  • To complete the OFFICIAL Registration, Payment Confirmation (Original Proof of Payment) must be returned to the same counter on the SAME DAY for having been allocated a place or as specified.

  • The offer of admission will be nullified and the place will be given to another student if the original Proof of payment (pay-in slip or the ATM generated payment advice) is not received on the SAME DAY or otherwise specified.

  • No online application.