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CCI Intensive Online Courses

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Global Creative Industries Summer Courses

CCI Intensive Online Courses

The CCI Intensive Online Courses offered by the Global Creative Industries Programme of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at The University of Hong Kong aim to provide high school and university students with opportunities to explore the rapidly growing cultural and creative industries (CCI), which comprise advertising, arts (visual arts, performing arts), design, entertainment (film, television, radio), fashion, games, media, music, publishing and software for examples, in a global context.


Given the increasing socio-economic and cultural contributions of CCI in the world, CCI manifests as an important sector driving the new economy which accounts for millions of jobs worldwide and attracts interests in the academic field. The fascination of the industries lies in its sophistication of the intertwined relation and interaction between commerce and culture.


To decode the complex relation, we offer students an interdisciplinary approach to explore and analyse the different CCI in different countries with a bilateral focus on comparative global study of CCI in East and West where values and cultures shape the industries there, as well as the practical skills to prepare oneself in engaging in CCI.


With the intensive online courses, students will gain early exposure to the development and business models of CCI and will be empowered to explore future study and career choices bolstered by enhanced knowledge of the CCI.

Due to COVID-19, the summer courses in 2021 will be delivered online only.

Please note that the medium of teaching will be in English.

Online Courses offered in 2020-2021

[1]  Teaching and Learning Creative and Cultural Industries in English-speaking Countries

[2]  Understanding Urban Culture: Future Opportunities for the Youth

[3]  From creativity to entrepreneurship: how to start an international cultural and creative business

[4]  Setting off the East Asian Fashion: how to create a popular culture

[5]  Art and crime: heists, frauds, and forgeries


The medium of teaching is English.

● Due to COVID-19, the summer courses in 2021 will be delivered online only.

● Certificates of completion will be issued to students who successfully complete the courses with an attendance of over 80%.

● There are quotas on seats of each course which are allocated to successful applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Seats will only be confirmed after the offer is accepted and all fees have been paid in full.

● All fees are non-refundable after your acceptance of offer and are to be settled in crossed cheques payable to “The University of Hong Kong”. For applicants who do not own any local bank account, you are required to settle your payment in telegraphic transfer.

● Students without the right of abode or right to land in Hong Kong must apply for a valid student visa from the Hong Kong Immigration Department before arriving in Hong Kong to begin the courses and are required to nominate School of Modern Languages and Cultures to be your local sponsor, however sponsorship fee is not included in the course fee and is to be settled in another payment, please refer to application guideline for details. (Due to COVID-19, the summer courses in 2021 will be delivered online only, hence no visa application is required)

● The processing of student visa by Immigration Department normally takes six weeks or more, therefore students are strongly advised to submit their visa application as soon as they receive the offer of admission for courses. (Due to COVID-19, the summer courses in 2021 will be delivered online only, hence no visa application is required)

● SMLC will not be responsible for accommodation of applicants. Please arrange local accommodation for your stay if you are not residing in Hong Kong. If you are under the age of 18 without the company of any guardian (parents/ relatives/ friends aged 18 or above) during your stay in Hong Kong, you may contact us for assistance in arranging accommodation. (Due to COVID-19, the summer courses in 2021 will be delivered online only.)

● SMLC reserves the right to cancel courses should there be insufficient enrolment or any unforeseen circumstances that may prevent SMLC from opening or continuing the courses. Dates, content and fees are subject to change without prior notice, students should pay attention to the email notification for updates.

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